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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Back in the Saddle!

The weather has turned toward gorgeous, the scooter now has valid inspection and registration stickers, and I am back to riding!

Last Friday evening, I took off by myself for an hour-long ride around my area. It's been a while since I was on the bike, and I knew I needed to practice some skills again. I figured out the first skill to go is my turning skills. Had some trouble trusting the scooter and leaning into the turns and making them smoothly. It got better as I rode, though, so that's good.

It was fabulous to be out again. I rode from my house up through the area called Bon Air, which is full of Victorian-era houses. Before the turn of the 20th century, Bon Air was a place where Richmond city-dwellers went to get away from the city for a while and get some fresh air. There used to be a train station, and people would go out to their country houses by train to relax. It seems odd now, given that the outer limits of the city of Richmond is only a mile from the center of Bon Air -- it's not like people were going that far -- but I guess when your transportation is horse and carriage and train, even a few miles is far. Now, the center of Bon Air has a huge water tower:

I was riding too fast to take any pictures of the gorgeous Victorian houses, though, and there's no place to really stop along the road.

After getting through Bon Air, I crossed one of my most favorite bridges in Richmond. The Huguenot Bridge spans the James River at one of the best points for swimming and flatwater canoeing. The city is currently rebuilding the bridge, so there's lots more traffic and construction than I normally like.

I rode down to the park that runs along the river and took a few pictures. I love this place. The river is *right there* along the road. It floods sometimes, and the houses that are in this area are all built WAY up on a hill across the little road, but it is beautiful.

After that, I rode up near the entrance of the University of Richmond, where my husband will be starting school this summer.

And then I made my way home in the near-dark. This is the current price of gas in my area. Yikes! I'm glad I have the scooter for when I can go places by myself. There are a lot more scooters in the area these days, too. The price of gas is awful.

Look for my next post, hopefully later this evening, about the really fun morning my husband and I had riding around the city!