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Monday, March 15, 2010


There was an article in my local paper today about scooter thefts in the region. In the article, the reporter talks about how "[scooter] Drivers don't need a license, just a form of identification listing name address and date of birth." I read the paper every morning, but rarely feel the need to write to the reporter about an issue. This time i did, because of the misconceptions regarding scooters in Virginia. Granted the laws are sometimes unclear, but in this case, making a blanket statement that a scooter rider doesn't have to have a license is incorrect. In VA, if your engine is greater than 50cc and the bike goes faster than 35mph, you need a license and tags, registration, all that good stuff. It's a motorcycle at that point, and you must have more than just some identification on you if you ride. I know the reporter got his info from this link at the DMV site, likely, but still. The code can be unclear in general, but in this case, I think it's pretty straightforward.

Anyway, as a scooter rider and lover, it does bug me somewhat to see the common misconception that my bike is a moped perpetuated. It'll be interesting to see if the reporter responds.

In other news, my husband is on Day 1 of his MSF course today. Soon he'll be riding his bike all legally and safe!


  1. Christine:

    Love your jacket. Make sure to get riding pants too. During the warm, hot summer you can wear the pants over shorts. My pants have removeable front panels which turn it into a mesh pants.

    Glad you were unscathed from that recent cager encounter. wonder why drivers just don't turn into their own lane.

    and . . . where did that motorcycle come from ?

    ride safe
    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  2. Bob-- my husband bought a new Suzuki GZ250 a couple of weeks ago. It's something I can ride, too!

  3. Christine:

    Was he watching you have too much fun ? and wanted to join in the action ? or were you just riding all over the country while he had to stay home ? and dream . . .

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  4. Bob -- The original plan was for both of us to get scooters, but we didn't like any that were big enough and powerful enough for him to ride. Plus, in VA we have to have motorcycle licenses to ride anything above 50cc, so we figured he'd get the motorcycle and I would get the scooter. His is a 250cc, so we can ride together (if we ever get a chance to!).