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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Feel the love! It's Genuine!!

In the summertime, Philip McCaleb, the owner of the Genuine Scooter Company, goes around to different areas of the country to go on Celebration Rides with the local Genuine scooter owners. Today was Richmond, Virginia's turn for a Celebration ride, and I got to go!

We started off at Scoot Richmond, our local scooter shop, which I know I've talked about before. I love Chelsea and the Scoot Richmond team....such fun and cool people! I think around 40 people showed up for the ride with their Genuine scooters -- Buddys, Stellas, a few Roughhouses -- and we definitely made a colorful group.
I was sort of nervous, because I didn't really know anyone but my friend Christine, and Chelsea, but most of the people were pretty friendly and chatty. 

This is my friend, Christine, and her Buddy 170:

We hung out for a bit and got some safety instructions and general directions, and then it was time to hit the road!

It was a pretty amazing and impressive sight, all of us snaking up the road from the shop to the gas station.
It was a hot day, and honestly, I was wearing shorts and a t shirt, along with my helmet and gloves and sneakers. We rode all over the city, through a park, and along streets to places I have never been, even after ten years of living in this city.

The guy on the right on the mocha Buddy 170? 
That's Philip McCabe, owner of the Genuine Scooter Company!

I wished we had stopped in a few places, for photo ops, but also to actually see the places instead of just riding by. Richmond is built on seven hills, and Chimborazo Park has some of the most incredible views (and a miniature statue of Lady Liberty in the middle!), and I so badly wanted to look out over the hilltop and take pictures. Oh well. I do live here, so maybe I can take my scooter back one of these days (if I can remember how to get back there!).

Our intrepid ride leader was fantastic (and I forgot his name already...), always making sure the group stayed together and everyone was safe and having a good time.

We made our way around the city, got lots of attention on the road and at every stop sign and traffic light (people were whipping out their phones to snap pics, and waving at us on the road), and then wound up back at Scoot Richmond, where we headed to Camden's Dogtown Market for a yummy lunch and general hanging out. It was a LOT of fun, and I think I might try to join the monthly local scooter club rides on occasion. I definitely need a tinted face shield for my helmet, though. I've got a whopper of a headache from squinting. And I think I will have to buy a mesh riding jacket and some mesh pants. Normally, I gear up way more than I did today, but It. Was. So. Hot.

Before I left, I got a picture of me and Christine with Philip (the #1 scooter dork!).

Now I'm back home and reading the forums on Modern Buddy and trying to get rid of this headache. Had a great time, would love to do it again!


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